About GRC

The Guelph Rowing Club was established by volunteers in the summer of 1999. The club is committed to establishing a permanent rowing club at Guelph Lake as an ongoing legacy of the facilities and operations established for the 1998 Ontario Summer Games. Guelph Lake is an ideal location for the Guelph Rowing Club. It is a serene body of water of optimum size for a training course, and the beauty of the surrounding landscape adds to the experience of participating in invigorating recreational activities.

Contact the club at info@guelphrowing.ca

Contact the registrar regarding membership fees and registration at registrar@guelphrowing.ca.

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Guelph Lake

Please note: the Guelph Rowing Club membership includes 1 season of Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) entrance fees. All non-GRC visitors will be asked to pay the park fee at the gate. GRCA fees can be viewed on their website.

The Layout of Guelph Lake
The Layout of Guelph Lake