COVID-19 Update April 2022

Hello GRC Members and Volunteers,

RCA Update 

RCA has provided an update to COVID 19 protocols for the season 2022-23. As a club we will align our protocols and processes with the communique. 
Please see the RCA Link below: Lifting of RCA Sanctioned Activity and Event COVID -19 Requirements.

Guelph Rowing Club Update

In follow up to a recent meeting of the COVID 19 Committee, we recognized there are many positives that have come out of the practices and protocols put in place by RCA and Row Ontario over the past 2 years of the pandemic.

The positive outcomes support excellent health and safety practices; sustainability of equipment including rowing shells and oars; and ongoing respect for all members of the club  to ensure safety of our rowing community and beyond.

The following are practices to be carried forward at the GRC by all members to support good boat maintenance and healthy hygiene practices. 

  • Boats to be placed on stretchers and washed down following a row and prior to entering boathouse
  • Oar handles and blades to be washed down prior to hanging in boathouse
  • Masks are encouraged to be worn inside boathouse and if you cannot maintain 6 feet in a crowded area
  • Continue to monitor symptoms and if not feeling well please do not come to the boathouse
  • Continue to use the current sign in log sheet that has a column for confirming self screening completed (there are approx. 30 sheets at boathouse) will re-evaluate once new sheets are required to be printed.
  • Club will provide soap for washing down boats and water can be accessed at the west side (dam side) of the boathouse.
  • Club members are to continue to bring their own bucket and towel – this eliminates wet towels often dirty around clubhouse – improving overall health and safety and aesthetics in the boathouse.
  • Hand sanitizer will be a staple in the boathouse for all members to access

Changes to current GRC  protocols in response to the RCA communique April 13, 2022  include: 

  • Designated Captains are no longer required for each rowing session
  • Washing down of door handles no longer required 
  • Masks will not be required outside the boathouse unless in a more crowded area with less than 6 feet apart in which masks are highly recommended

The GRC COVID 19 Committee and the GRC Board of Directors will continue to stay alert to communiques from Local and Provincial Public Health Authorities, RCA, and Row Ontario with a plan to pivot and implement protocols as required in a timely manner, recognizing this is often with short notice.

Thank you to the GRC Community for the outstanding commitment you have each demonstrated in keeping our club safe and healthy over the past 2 years and thank you in advance for your continued due diligence.

On behalf of the Guelph Rowing Club COVID 19 Committee,

Dave Leger, Fiona McCrea, Garah Parkes, Jane McKinnon Wilson, Joanne Ryks, Isobelle Gray, Laura Toombs, Michele Richardson, Pat Shaver, Pearl Schachter