August Newsletter

Dear GRC Members

Spring High School Competitive

High School Competitive is back!

After two years of no regattas and limited on-the-water training – athletes were back to early morning spring rows and training for regattas. All the athletes worked-out remotely throughout the winter to be ready for the spring season. The program was back on the water mid-April with happy athletes, parents, and coaches!

Athetes included Jenna Babulic, Rowen Conrad, Anna Sophia Deaton, Ava Forbes-Schnick, Lennox Jones, Amelia Glaab, Meagan Harris, Maggie Huang, Reyna Rintoul, and Ethan Steele.

With 10 athletes from across JF Ross, GCVI and St. James high schools, the team entered three regattas: Mother’s Day, South Niagara Invitational and CSSRA (Canadian Secondary School Rowing Association). All these events had much-reduced entry numbers and followed strict safety precautions, for most this was the first time racing!

Guelph was excited to be there through it all! Mother’s Day saw 4 entries with one making it through to finals: Ethan Steele and Reyna Rintoul in their mixed double, placing third. South Niagara Invitational, which allows club entries, saw 6 entries from Guelph with an impressive 3 making it through to finals. CSSRA, saw Guelph battling it out with top athletes from across the county with 5 entries and the women senior single making it through to finals. Well done!

The coaches thank the parents for their support – early morning drives, Saturday breakfasts, and regatta assistance- we can’t do it without you!

And thank you to coaches David Barker, Isobelle Gray, and Alex Glista.

Long Sault Tour

On June 11, a foursome of Guelph rowers headed up to Cornwall to join OAR (Ontario Adventure Rowing) in a day of touring along St. Lawrence over the Lost Villages.

Historians from the Lost Villages Historical Society explained the loss of 10 communities, including personal family accounts, and the displacement of 6500 people in the late 1950’s with the development of the Moses-Saunders Power Dam in the St. Lawrence River just west of Cornwall.
Martha van Berkel, Heather Kooistra, Isobelle Gray, and Nancy Kielar joined other rowers from Toronto, Ottawa, and Cornwall to row approximately 26km along the north shore of the St. Lawrence River. Rowing over the submerged villages of Mille Roches, Moulinette and Wales, rowers viewed the submerged portion of Highway 2, and remnants of sidewalks and building foundations, including the Wales railway station.

Clear skies, holy water (yup!), and great company! If you can row, you can tour!

Guelph Rowing Club is a member of Ontario Adventure Rowing. Check out the schedule for tours around Ontario. For those new to touring, Toronto Islands Tour is a great one to try!

Boathouse Note

Please ensure that all doors are closed and locked when leaving the boathouse. The door leading to the parking lot should only be unlocked using the keypad. Please do not unlock it manually. Thank you for your cooperation in making sure the boathouse is kept safe and sound. 

The summer is quickly flying by but there are many beautiful morning rows left in the season! We look forward to seeing everyone out at the lake!

The GRC Board