Fun Times at Try Rowing

Try Rowing June, 2013
Try Rowing June, 2013

Guelph Rowing Club hosted another 3-hour Try Rowing session on the Canada Day long weekend for rowers who wanted to try the sport for the first time. Our crew of four fabulous ladies had a terrific time on the water, even managing to avoid the forecasted rain. They learned rowing safety, basic techniques on the ERGs (rowing machines) and then hit the water with coxswain, Michelle Scarrow, and coach, Fraser Banks.

If you would like to try rowing as well, there is another session on August 10th from 9 am until noon. The cost is $70/person (including tax). Contact or visit the Try Rowing page to get registration instructions.
This is a lesson for adults so we ask that you be 16 years of age or older.
Rowing all together
Rowing all together

New to Rowing?

 Get off to a good start by learning these rowing terms.

Bow: Front of the boat (from coxie seat)
Stern: Back of the boat (from coxie seat)
Port: Right hand side of boat when seated.
Starboard: Left hand side of boat when seated.

Catch: When the blade of the oar enters the water.
Finish: When the blade is approaching and at the end of the stroke.
Release: When the blade leaves the water.
Let it Run: A command by the coxie or coach to stop rowing.

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