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High School Rower Training Information

Monthly Training Schedules are provided by coaches and posted in the YMCA rowing training binder.

  • Indoor workouts are conducted at the YMCA, Monday-Friday, 6:00-7:30AM; go to the Guelph YMCA web site for membership fees and YMCA program schedules. Bring your student ID for YMCA registration.

New to Rowing?

 Get off to a good start by learning these rowing terms.

Bow: Front of the boat (from coxie seat)
Stern: Back of the boat (from coxie seat)
Port: Right hand side of boat when seated.
Starboard: Left hand side of boat when seated.

Catch: When the blade of the oar enters the water.
Finish: When the blade is approaching and at the end of the stroke.
Release: When the blade leaves the water.
Let it Run: A command by the coxie or coach to stop rowing.

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