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Recreational Rowing Season Now Open

With warm water temperatures in effect, recreational rowers can now get out on the lake!

Warm water rules are now in effect.

Remember to  take a few minutes to:

* Sign in (and out) your name and boat in the rowing log book

* Take a lifejacket (one for each rower) and orange safety pail

* Orientate yourself with naviagation rules (see board on outside of boathouse)

* Warm up prior to rowing.

Like last year, there is a signup sheet listing the date/time of scheduled rows.  It helps give us an idea of how many rowers to expect.

Of course you can still come out for a row even if you didn’t sign up.

Here’s the link to  the signup sheet: On Line Sign Up Sheet

If you have still not registered, here’s an explanation on how to register
Register Here

Looking forward to seeing you at the Lake!