Code of Conduct – Member

The Code of Conduct has been developed to assist Club members to understand the standards of conduct and behaviour that are expected of them. Members include all membership categories listed in the Club Bylaws, i.e. Senior, Honorary, Life, Junior, Social, Out of port, Crew, Guests and Employees. Employees include any person hired, working for and paid by the Club and any contractor hired by the Club or by any member.

Members have a duty to promote and support the key principles of the club (as outlined in The Code of Conduct, Constitution, Bylaws and Guidelines) and to maintain and strengthen the integrity of the Club. This means acting ethically and in a respectful manner both on and off the water, acting in a way which considers all other boaters, observing the rights of other people, and treating people with courtesy.

Members have a duty to avoid behaviour that could constitute an act of disorder, misbehaviour, law breaking, discrimination, harassment or any behaviour which could bring the club or themselves into disrepute. Above all, members must act in a courteous and respectful manner to each other at all times.

Members participating in on-water events whether they are a club event, representing the club or privately are expected to do so in a way that the actions of the skipper or any one of the crew display respect for all others participating in the event. Members participating in racing will accept handicapping, protest and racing outcomes in accordance with the racing rules of sailing. Members must display sportsmanship, respect and act in such a manner as to hold the club and themselves above reproach.

Members have the responsibility to ensure all Club equipment and property is used properly, safely, and with respect by themselves or anyone else.

Members will be responsible for their guests and children at all times and ensure that their guest/s and or children’s conduct is in keeping with the Club’s Code of Conduct and the Club’s rules and regulations.

Any breach of the Club’s Code of Conduct or Constitution, Bylaws and Guidelines will be reviewed by the executive committee and appropriate disciplinary action, as outlined in the Article 12 of the Constitution, will be taken. Members agree to the consequences of any breach of the code of conduct. These may include suspension or termination from the club.

Approved by the Board of Directors