Fundraising for 2015

Our fundraising goal for this year is to support the purchase of a midweight quad. The Guelph Rowing Club was presented with a time-sensitive opportunity this past spring to purchase a midweight quad in excellent condition and at an excellent price. The Board weighed the expense with our need for this class of boat by our members and felt we shouldn’t pass on the opportunity. We acquired the boat, but also made a commitment to fund raise this year for its full cost.

We have already made a significant start on raising the required funds. A yard sale earlier in the summer netted us $900. There are other fundraising plans in the works that will be implemented in the fall.

As awesome as these efforts are, we do not expect them to make up the full cost of the boat. For this reason we are inviting members to support this new acquisition through private contributions. We are also very excited to report that Gordon Barr’s company, RLB LLP, has offered to match contributions up to a total of $4000. This very generous leveraging will make the lifting that much easier for all of us.

If you have been to the boathouse, you have likely seen the new boat in bay A where it lives. Perhaps you’ve even rowed it. A recent photo appears below.


The shell is a 2006 Kaschper. The deal included the shell, four sets of Concept 2 oars, and rigging for quad and straight four configurations. The complete price was $9400, a significant bargain for a boat in this condition.

The shell is getting plenty of use. It is rowed regularly by a women’s crew, a mixed crew, and Rec rowers. It was raced at the Tony Biernacki Regatta in Welland and will be raced at the RowOntario Championships, the Henley, and at Head races this fall.

Please consider supporting this wonderful new addition to our fleet. Inquiries may be made to, and contributions can be made by cheque to the Guelph Rowing Club and mailed or hand delivered. Please indicate the contribution is for the “New Quad.” No tax receipts can be issued at this time.