COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19: Step 3 Reopening Update

It has been announced that Ontario will move to Step 3 in the Reopening plan effective July 16th, 2021, at 12:01 am. Row Ontario has been able to review the amended Regulation 364/20 Rules for Areas in Step 3 that will come into effect on July 16th.  Operations at GRC will remain relatively unchanged. Most restrictions were lifted in Step 2 and there are limited impacts to rowing clubs during Step 3. However, it is important that members and volunteers continue to follow GRC Covid Protocols. This includes completing the self-assessment in the signup sheet and ensuring the box isContinue reading “COVID-19: Step 3 Reopening Update”

COVID-19: Step 2 Reopening Update

The following is an exciting update provided by Row Ontario regarding Step Two in the Reopening plan, effective June 30th, 2021, at 12:01 am.  After reviewing the amended Regulation 263/20 Rules for Areas in Step 2, Row Ontario has provided the following highlights of how the new Regulations will impact rowing clubs in Ontario.  Team sports can proceed if there is no likelihood of physical contact between participants. For rowing, this means that rowers can row in crew boats of any size. It is important to note the physical distancing requirements. While in the boathouse or on the docks please maintainContinue reading “COVID-19: Step 2 Reopening Update”

COVID-19: Update

Firstly, a sincere thank you to all of the volunteers, and club members, for their marvelous work on keeping up with GRC Covid Protocols. With the news that Ontario will be moving to Step One in the Reopening, and Row Ontario’s update that programs and an increase to 10 people/session are permitted, it is expected there will be an increase in people at the boathouse. This is good news as many are excited to get back on the water. Moving forward, it is important to please keep the following in mind:  Arrive on time, not early or late, for yourContinue reading “COVID-19: Update”

COVID-19: Step 1 Reopening Update

It was announced that Ontario will be moving to Step One in the Reopening plan effective June 11, 2021, at 12:01am. With this news, Row Ontario has provided the following update:  In addition to the current activities permitted, facilities may now offer coaching and Learn to Row programs. There are conditions under which both of these activities can take place:  Maximum of 10 participants at a time. A distance of 2m must be maintained. Note: While rowing, or physical activity, is taking place a distance of 3m must be maintained.  All current GRC Covid Safety Protocols will remain.  At this time,Continue reading “COVID-19: Step 1 Reopening Update”

COVID-19: Update

Thank you so much for your continued patience as we navigate the opening of the GRC boathouse. We are excited to inform members that the boathouse will be open as of June 3rd, 12:01 am. Outlined in this email will be an update from Row Ontario, GRC Covid protocols, and next steps. Row Ontario Update  Under the current Regulations, Boating Clubs are permitted to be open in Ontario. In accordance with the province’s and Row Ontario’s regulations only singles are permitted at this time. Doubles are only permitted for household members, direct caregivers, or an individual who lives alone may join one householdContinue reading “COVID-19: Update”

COVID-19: Update

As the nicer weather approaches, Row Ontario is hopeful for a 2021 rowing season. However, as of May 13th, 2021, Premier Ford announced a further extension of the Stay at Home Order, in addition to the current regulations governing organizations in lockdown, until at least June 2nd, 2021. Abiding by the regulations and membership safety is a priority of the Guelph Rowing Club, therefore it will remain closed until the regulations change and we are allowed to open safely.  We will be sure to update members with boathouse opening details and COVID-19 regulations as they evolve. Thank you for yourContinue reading “COVID-19: Update”