Fall Junior Rowing Program

Watch this RCA video on youth rowing.
Watch the RCA safety video.


Fall Junior Rowing is for high school students and this year offers
a LEARN TO ROW stream for beginners.


WHO:         This program is designed for high-school athletes as an introduction to the sport of rowing.

WHAT:       Focus on Learn-to-Train and Training-to-Train phases of Long term Athlete Development (LTAD).

Participants in this introductory rowing program will learn

        • Fundamental rowing technique
        • Introduction to training & racing
        • Care and maintenance of equipment – racing shell and oars
        • Proper boat handling and dock procedures
        • Safety rules and navigational protocols
        • Learning to be a member of a crew

WHEN:      Orientation and Information Meeting – Thursday Sept. 7, 6 p.m.  Guelph Rowing Club boathouse.

Regular lesson times:
Monday Sept. 11 to Friday Sept. 15,
Monday Sept. 18 to Friday Sept. 22
6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Guelph Rowing Club
Note: Friday Sept. 22 will be a race night and treats.

FEE:        $175.00 (including 13% HST)

Registration deadline Monday September 11, before  you go on the water!!!!!!

Register for the FALL JUNIOR LEARN TO ROW Program here.
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Attention parents/guardians: This rowing program meets the qualifying criteria for the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit; check the Canadian Revenue Agency web page to see if your child qualifies – if so, the registration fees for this program are eligible for the tax credit.

Forms: Download, print and complete the following forms…

The Fall Junior Rowing Program and associated events are under the control and supervision of the GRC and are not school supervised events.  Participants are insured through their registration with RowOntario and Rowing Canada.


The GRC policy is that there will be no refunds of program fees. Under special circumstances, a program fee may be partially refunded.  This is based on provision of timely, officially documented medical  reasons, which cannot have pre-existed at the time of joining GRC. This  decision is solely at the discretion of the Board,  and subject to  deduction of fees committed on behalf of the registrant.