Masters Competitive Rowing


Please contact for more information about the Masters Rowing Program

Athlete Eligibility

  • The GRC Masters program is for experienced rowers 21 years of age and older who are committed to training for competitive racing during the summer and/or fall season
  • Prerequisite: minimum of one full season of rowing


GRC Masters is a competitive rowing program for rowers whose goal is to develop their rowing skill and strength and compete successfully with other masters rowers at regattas. GRC Masters rowers compete with masters rowers from clubs in Canada, the United States, and the world at regattas held locally or anywhere our rowers are motivated to compete. Local regattas provide regular opportunities throughout the summer and fall for competition that will motivate you to develop your abilities.

Masters races are typically grouped into age classes or handicapped by age and involve head-to-head, 1000 m sprint races during the summer and timed head races from 3 km to longer in the fall. Registration for a regatta involves a seat fee for each crewmember and shared transportation costs for carrying shells to the competition venue using the GRC truck and/or trailer. These costs are not great for local regattas. Local Canadian competitions are held in St Catharines, Welland, London, Guelph, Gravenhurst, Peterborough, and Ottawa.

Mandatory Safety Program

  • Every year all athletes must complete Parts A, B and C of the GRC Safety Program.
  • Part A – supervised viewing of the Rowing Canada Safety Video (usually combined with Part B);
  • Part B – attendance at a Site Safety & Emergency Procedures Meeting.
  • Part C – submit a GRC Safety Program Form [link] to the Rowing Committee prior to going on-the-water.
  • Masters athletes must be able to swim.


  • FEE: see the Program Fees Page
  • Deadline Date for Registration: April 30th
  • Late Fee: 10% over the regular fee after the deadline date
  • If you have a boat to store at the GRC boathouse register for Masters Competitive Rowing with Boat Storage, otherwise register for Masters Competitive Rowing.