Masters Rowing

(men and women aged 21 and older)


Athlete Eligibility

  • Prerequisite: minimum of one full season of rowing
  • The masters program is for experienced rowers 21 year of age and older who are committed to training for competitive racing during the summer and/or fall season
  • EACH YEAR single scullers must complete a Captain’s Test (view of video of one part of the captain’s test – the capsized boat).
  • Masters Age Categories (Rowing Canada Aviron)
    • AA: average age 21 or more
    • A: average age 27 or more
    • B: average age 36 or more
    • C: average age 43 or more
    • D: average age 50 or more
    • E: average age 55 or more
    • F: average age 60 or more
    • G: average age 65 or more
    • H: average age 70 or more
    • I: average age 75 or more


  • “GRC masters women and men have competed at the FISA World Masters, World Masters Games, US Masters Nationals, Royal Canadian Henley, Ontario Masters Championships and CORA Regattas”
  • Sweep (pair, four and eight) and sculling (double and quad) shells are available for masters crews based on scheduling
  • The GRC has truck and trailer transportation to facilitate attendance at regattas (entry fees and transportation costs to regattas are in addition to the GRC membership fee)

Mandatory Safety Program

  • Every year all athletes must complete Parts A, B and C of the GRC Safety Program.
    • Part A – supervised viewing of the Rowing Canada Safety Video;
    • Part B – successful completion of a supervised/witnessed Swim Test (City of Guelph pool schedule);
    • Part C – attendance at a Site Safety & Emergency Procedures Meeting.
    • submit a GRC Safety Program Form to the Rowing Committee prior to going on-the-water.
    • Athletes who cannot complete the swim test will not be allowed to row on the water.



The GRC policy is that there will be no refunds of program fees. Under special circumstances, a program fee may be partially refunded.  This is based on provision of timely, officially documented medical  reasons, which cannot have pre-existed at the time of joining GRC. This  decision is solely at the discretion of the Board,  and subject to  deduction of fees committed on behalf of the registrant.