Joining Guelph Rowing Club is a great decision!

The Guelph Rowing Club has moved to an online payment system called Peloton. We will no longer be accepting cash or cheques for registration or boat storage fees. The Peloton system is embedded within the Rowing Canada registration system so that members can pay via credit card as they register for programs. After you register for your program you will be directed to the page that tells you that you have successfully registered for your program. On the bottom half of this page will be an icon that says “Pay With Peloton”. Clicking on this icon will direct you to the payment page at which time you can enter your payment information.

New Members: To register, visit the Rowing Canada online registration site If you are a new member, joining Rowing Canada (RCA) for the first time, set up your account, then select your program. Make a note of your RCA number, as that will remain your RCA number for your rowing career.

Returning Members: To register, visit Rowing Canada online registration site and select your program. If you plan to store your boat(s) at the Club, please select the program that includes boat storage and see below.

Members with private boats should register for their desired program that includes boat storage (e.g., Master’s Competitive with Boat Storage”). The program cost in the Peloton system is set up for single storage. However the system allows you to change the amount owing before you submit payment. Those of you who have doubles or multiple boats can simply change the amount owing in the payment section. The policy governing Private Shell Storage at GRC should be read by everyone planning to store their boat at GRC – GRC Private Shell Storage Policy Please note that you must complete the GRC Private Boat Storage Policy/Acknowledgement. All shell storage payments are due by April 30th with fully paid up membership fees.

As part of your paid membership, you will be given access to the Grand River Conservation Area (GRCA). The registrar at Guelph Rowing Club will contact you about picking up your gate pass and receiving the gate combination.

If you have questions about any of the registration process, please contact

We’ll see you at the club!